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Since the reform and opening up 30 years ago, China's printing industry has bid farewell to lead and fire, ushered in the technological revolution of light and electricity.

Release time:2018/9/21

Since the reform and opening up 30 years ago, China's printing industry has bid farewell to lead and fire, ushered in the technological revolution of light and electricity, and is now stepping into the digital age step by step. In August 2009, the State Council promulgated the "Cultural Industry Revitalization Plan", which listed the eight major industries, such as the printing industry, cultural creativity, and publishing, as important industries for the future development of the country, and further clarified the printing industry in the national economy and social development. important position.

Every time I talked with domestic printer manufacturers about the gap between the domestic printing machine manufacturing level and the international level, it is always inseparable from the topic of speed and stability. When interviewing the printing machine expert Mr. Han Xiaoliang recently, he said that at present, domestic Printer manufacturers must also increase the research and application of numerical control technology in order to achieve better development.

Han Xiaoliang believes that under the premise of ensuring the safety and environmental protection of mechanical products, the high productivity and high quality of equipment are the goals that people have been pursuing. However, with the acceleration of the internationalization of China's printing machinery manufacturing industry, domestic printer manufacturers are in the CNC. The development of the field has not been broken. In the field of digitization and automation, there is a need for breakthroughs. He believes that the market demand for digital direct plate making and short-run printing is now large. Foreign printer manufacturers have always been ahead of the domestic printing machine manufacturing level in this respect, and only have their own technology. The level is constantly following the international pace so that we can go abroad and move towards the world.

As the new generation of labor has gradually become the main source of labor for the society, the Chinese manufacturing industry has gradually bid farewell to the era of cheap labor. Many European and American processing companies have even sought new cheap labor markets in Southeast Asia and other places. Regardless of the relevant provisions of the Labor Law, the reality has already been placed in front of enterprises, that is, the cost of labor is getting higher and higher, and how to reduce costs to ensure the operating efficiency of enterprises has become the key. For printing companies, printing, packaging, etc. all require a large amount of labor to complete, and if printing machinery can achieve breakthrough development in the field of numerical control, reducing labor costs, it will bring benefits to many printing companies.

The deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. once said that Shanghai Guanghua's printing machinery products have always emphasized the development in the field of numerical control. For example, this year's Beijing exhibition, Guanghua launched a new machine, its digitalization, automation is very high, it is understood that before the printing workers in the printing products, encountered unsatisfactory print quality, according to the needs of printing by manual Adjustment. The operation of this machine, only need to enter the number, you can control through the prepress information, including the control of ink volume and color control, the consistency is better. There has also been great progress in the digital workflow, and it is very convenient to use the JDF format to record the products to be printed in a digital way, which also saves manpower.

At present, the development goal of the key technology of digital control of printing equipment is to use digital and networked control technology to comprehensively improve the overall performance of domestic multi-color offset printing presses and satellite eight-color flexo printing machines, and to develop the technical level of international similar products. The digital high-performance multi-color sheetfed offset press and satellite wide-format eight-color flexo press with independent intellectual property rights form a corresponding patented technology. Control and drive technology has proven to be a key technology in the field of packaging machinery. The fully electronic third-generation machine has all the advantages of servo technology and sets new industry standards. Digital packaging machinery not only provides greater throughput and greater equipment flexibility, but also adds many new features such as remote maintenance, integration with the company's ERP system, and evaluation of production data.

Based on a variety of factors at home and abroad, the author believes that domestic printer manufacturers should increase the application of CNC technology in the field of printing machines.