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The printing company must establish the concept that the market is the center, the market is the lifeline, and the market determines the enterprise.

Release time:2018/9/21

Printing companies must establish a market-centered, market-oriented lifeline, market-determined corporate concept, and earnestly do everything around production, production around business, business around the market, the market around the benefits. Therefore, opening up the market has become the key to determining the survival and development of enterprises.

Printing companies can develop markets from ten aspects.

1. change your mind

In the past, production was the first line, and operations had to be around production. The customer sent a living to the door and asked the factory to work. As a result, the boss formed a self-employed, step-by-step management style. Now the market is the first line, production must be around the market, and meeting the needs of customers is the biggest goal. Therefore, the organization, the allocation of production factors, the quality of personnel and the ideological style of the enterprise must meet the changing needs of the market and fully reflect the characteristics of advancing with the times. In particular, people's ideas have to be transformed into the market. When the market changes, I change. When the market enters, I enter. Market needs are the first need of work, to change the strain, and even ahead of the way to lead the market. In this way, we can control the market, master the law, and undertake sufficient jobs.
2. Construction team

The long-term planned economy has caused a large number of talents to be deposited in production technology positions. Under the conditions of market economy, management has become the first line of survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises must properly adjust the talent structure, so that those who are full of pioneering and innovative spirit will be enriched into the ranks of the operators, swaying in the ocean of the market, improving their skills, increasing their knowledge, and learning to swim.

In this regard, the first is to establish a competitive recruitment mechanism and try to absorb outstanding talents; the second is to establish an evaluation mechanism to achieve high performance and low performance; the third is to establish a reward and punishment mechanism, and to award meritors, and to punish those who have no problem; Survival of the fittest. At the same time, enterprises must also attach great importance to the improvement of the overall quality of the workforce. Only excellent processing can ensure the effective operation of the business. It is difficult to imagine, the internal shoddy, and what kind of jobs can be contracted.

3. rule arrangements

The shift of the focus of corporate work to the market will inevitably lead to the revision of a series of rules and regulations. All work in the whole plant should be centered around operation, service management, close cooperation with the operation, full support for operation, and all for business. All rules and regulations that are not conducive to business must be abolished decisively; all systems that are conducive to business must be quickly established and improved, and institutionally ensure that business operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

4. Accelerate technological transformation

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Especially in the days when technology is the primary productive force, accelerating the upgrading of printing equipment has become the key to accelerating development and adapting to the market. It is necessary to aim at the advanced level at home and abroad, and timely transform the prepress, printing and postpress equipment, and strive to achieve first-class domestic. Using advanced technology and equipment to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, this is a strong backing for the company to win the market.

5. quality improvement
Quality is the passport for companies to go to market. Especially in the market economy, the hardest brand to undertake the job is the excellent product quality. The product quality is excellent, and it is only appealing to speak and do things. Many advanced companies have put forward the quality policy of “excellent Zhang, good books”, or established the IS0 quality assurance system, or the national product of the best quality, or set an oath to ensure that the book meets the excellent standards, to ensure that The quality of the system has been greatly improved, creating brand-name products and trusting enterprises.
6. Scratch cycle

In the past, the book printing cycle was 60 days, and 30 days. Now it becomes the customer needs is the cycle. In the morning, the phenomenon of finished books will be everywhere in the evening. Printing companies must adapt to this change and, on the basis of ensuring product quality, do everything possible to shorten the production cycle. Carefully blend the internal production factors to achieve the best combination. Work overtime, fight against time, and strive to produce products at the fastest speed, win customers with high efficiency, and ensure market supply. Otherwise, you can only lose the market and look down on it.
7. Optimization service

Under the conditions of market economy, the printing source has a lot of porridge. In order to find development space and opportunities in the competition of strong hands and forests, printing companies must have an all-rounder, and optimization services have become an important means. That is, in the pre-press, printing, post-press links, strengthen the relationship, relationship, and interest alliance with customers. The printing factory should take the initiative to come to the door, urged to take the job; take the initiative to go to the door, consult the printed opinions; take the initiative to come to the door, do a good return visit; take the initiative to come to the door, do a good job of condolences; take the initiative to go to the door, to conduct friendship. With frank actions, serving customers, moving customers, winning customers, ensuring customers, and achieving long-term cooperation with the factory.
8. Informatization
The report of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to use information technology to drive industrialization and industrialization to promote informationization. As a printing industry with paper medium as the carrier, the construction of informationization work is more urgent. Not only the production and processing process must realize information management, but also the operation means must realize information operation.

Establish sufficient and timely informational communication between enterprises and customers and the market. The publication of the book and the supply of printed materials, bidding, the personal profile of the client and the supervisor, as well as the information on the quality of the industry, etc., are stored in the computer as the first-hand information for production and operation. For business decisions. This is a necessary means for modern enterprises to open up markets and enhance their competitiveness.
9. Strengthening the alliance

Faced with numerous publishers and customers, printing companies must strengthen alliances and strive to form a mutually beneficial and win-win interaction. The factory associations can engage in group-type or share-stock cooperation, bundle the interests of both parties, and achieve a long-term and stable cooperation in a contractual form.
10. Innovation
The market economy is a process of advancing with the times. There is also a dynamic process of cooperation between the printing company and the customer. The customer's business is suitable for the printing enterprise, and it is closely linked. Once the customer's business has changed, the company must immediately adjust its strategy to adapt to the customer, develop in adaptation, and innovate in development. From the process technology, from the management services to open up and innovation, the business operations of the company to become bigger and stronger, to maintain the company's strong market competitiveness, to achieve a win-win and sustainable development of modern corporate rational goals.